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Occupational Health Vaccinations

Any staff member that risks exposure to diseases of any kind will need occupational health vaccinations. At Wrightway Health we specialise in ensuring that your workforce is protected to the fullest extent.

This page focuses on vaccinations that are required for the day-to-day tasks an employee carries out. For information about travel health and vaccinations, click here.

Wrightway Health’s provision for occupational vaccinations includes both vaccination and aftercare. We provide a broad range of vaccinations, but the most common staff groups we vaccinate are:

  • Healthcare workers – e.g. MMR, Hepatitis B (due to needle-stick injuries) and TB
  • First aiders – e.g. Consideration of Hepatitis B
  • Staff based abroad – e.g. Vaccines specific to each country

Please contact us for a full list of the vaccinations we can provide.

Blood Borne Virus Management

Wrightway Health’s aftercare provision includes dealing with urgent situations arising from needle-stick injuries. This might be a straightforward health review after a needle-stick involving a low risk patient, or an immediate full health check including treatment, re-vaccination and quarantine as required for an incident involving a high-risk patient.

We also specialise in laboratory-based testing, focused in particular on ensuring that contamination hasn’t occurred. This could be contamination with organophosphates, which affect the nervous system and must therefore be treated with the utmost urgency, or less dramatic but equally dangerous contamination with lead, cobalt or mercury. To ensure the health of your employees is protected, Wrightway Health undertakes regular testing for all laboratory-based staff, to ensure early identification of any potential issues.

We also provide health surveillance services for other non-laboratory based hazards. For more information on Health Surveillance, click here.

Occupational Health Vaccinations is just one of the services we offer.
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