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What is Occupational Health?

You may have asked "What is Occupational Health" and wondered how it affects your business?
Put simply, Occupational Health is the effect your employee's work has on their health, and their health has on their work.

What is Occupational Health? Wrightway Health explains

Occupational Health covers a wealth of services that are aimed at keeping your employees healthy and where you need them – at work.

We can support your business before an employee even starts. With our fitness-to-work assessments, we can identify issues that may prevent a candidate from doing their job.

Once staff are already employed, we can provide medicals and testing. This could be in the form of statutory medicals such as those mandated by the DVLA, HSE or offshore energy industries. It could also be testing for exposure to harmful substances in the science or chemical industries, or exposure to Blood-bourne Viruses and needle-stick incidents in the healthcare sector.

In fact, we can support you with almost any health-related matter to ensure your staff are fit and able to work.

Supporting your business and staff during sickness absence

The importance of Occupational Health

  • Absence from work costs the UK economy £29 billion each year.
    (2015 PWC survey)
  • Each year, sickness absence costs on average £700 per employee. (CIPD 2009 Absence Management Survey)
    The average UK employee takes 7.45 days off work sick per year.
  • The average cost of sickness absence for a company with 100 employees is £70,000.(2015 PWC Survey)

Early intervention is critical to managing sickness absence and ensuring it is kept to a minimum. With more doctors locally we can see your employee quickly, preparing a report within a few business days that will support your HR team in the sickness absence process.

Our strategy is to keep it simple

Deliver what you need when you need it, employ the best professionals, work closely with HR and line management and, above all, deliver a first class, value for money service.

Bespoke Service

We will talk, plan and work with you to design a service that meets your requirements and delivers the outcomes that your business needs. Recognising your legislative requirements, maximising productivity by having staff at work and not off sick and by improving the health and wellbeing of your employees.


We offer a flexible service that meets your requirements. We can work with you on-site at your premises, in one of our clinics or at an employee’s home.

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