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For some, imagining a life without a driver’s licence is almost impossible. With just under 50 million people driving in Great Britain, it is obvious that driving plays a huge part in almost everything we do.

In business, we rely heavily on driving and most businesses probably wouldn’t be able to continue trading without it. Some business models are solely built around transport and employ a workforce that is behind the wheel for most of the day.
But with driving comes danger; and the last published figure showed that 129 982 accidents occurred in a period of 1 year, meaning that an average of 10 831 accidents were reported each month. It is also recorded that of those accidents 24 210 people either died or were seriously injured.
Government would like to see these figures reduced and have implemented various projects to influence a drop in the figures, but there is still more that can be done.The DVLA in England, Scotland and Wales is legally responsible for deciding if a person is medically fit to drive, so it is important that they know if the driver has a medical condition or is undergoing treatment that may affect their ability to drive.
So, how do you as an employer keep your employees safe? Well, the simple answer is that if the employee is driving for work purposes, it is your responsibly as the employer to make sure that they are fit to drive.
Allowing someone that is unfit to drive, to drive on behalf of the business can have detrimental repercussions for the business, as well as the driver, and if the accident has fatalities, the consequences are even more serious.
It is therefore important to regularly check that your drivers are medically fit to drive and to do that, you need to approach a professional that specialises in driver medicals.
We are East Anglia’s biggest Occupational Health provider and have performed thousands of driver medicals for businesses large and small.
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