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Lowest incidents on record in the Oil & Gas sector

Lowest incidents on record in the Oil & Gas sector thanks to industry health and safety improvements.

The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry has continued to see improvement across a broad range of health and safety indicators last year, according to a key insight into the territory of health and safety published by Oil & Gas UK in October this year.


Findings from the leading representative body’s Health and Safety Report 2018 showed a continued downturn in the trend for reportable incidents, with 255 such incidents reported to the health and safety regulator in 2017 – an encouraging 67 per cent lower than in 2000-01.

This is the lowest on record.

With no work-related fatalities recorded in 2017, the non-fatal injury rate also continued to decrease across the UKCS.

Despite the continued improvements in the areas of process safety, personal safety, aviation and health, Oil & Gas UK today said there was no room for complacency.

Commenting on the report findings, Oil & Gas UK Health and Safety Manager Trevor Stapleton said:

“As a major hazard industry, the UK’s offshore oil and gas sector has a clear duty to protect the health and safety of our people.

Oil & Gas UK’s Health and Safety 2018 report provides an informed view of health and safety performance in the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry in 2017.  The data shows that while we continue to see improvements across a range of trends, there can be no room for complacency…

… we’re all too aware of the personal and long-lasting consequences if things go wrong.  We’ve committed to working with the regulator, industry and, in collaboration with Step Change in Safety, to help steer efforts in the areas of process safety leadership, audit, self-verification and sustainable learning.

As our industry emerges from a sustained downturn, the health and safety of our people remains a core value and is at the heart of all that we do”.

Health issues such as diabetes and blood pressure are the most common problems affecting the health of the workforce – making up 29 per cent of failed medicals in 2017 – if monitored regularly even these issues can be resolved.


Remaining vigilant is key which is why we at Wrightway Health have a team of experienced and accredited doctors to assess your workforce and provide the essential certification required to work in the UK offshore sector, along with platforms in Norwegian and Dutch waters.

Energy sector medicals will not only result in appropriate and correct certification, protecting your company’s interests and the safety of your workers but also provide an early indication of any health-related problems.

Already offering clinics in Norwich and Great Yarmouth, Wrightway Health are now able to carry out OGUK medicals in their clinic in Ipswich to cope with demand, along with our new clinic in King’s Lynn.

Our doctors – offering clinics in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and now, Ipswich – are also accredited to provide measurements to ensure that passengers riding in helicopters offshore comply with CAA regulations.  Click here to read about the Step Change requirements.

All further details can be found on our website or call us on 01603 274460 today to see how we can work together and keep these statistics low.



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