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Make sure your drivers are driving the Wrightway!

With drink driving cases littering our daily newsfeeds what can you do to ensure your drivers are staying within the limits. Ultimately these people are representing your business and you need to protect yourself from the potentially devastating effects drinking and driving can have.

We offer three types of testing:

  • Regular testing – these tests take place on a regular basis, typically monthly or bi-monthly, and provide on-going assurance that your workforce is drug free. This type of testing provides the most assurance – if all employees are tested regularly, the likelihood of drug use going unnoticed is extremely small.
  • Random testing – these tests take place unannounced, which makes them harder to avoid for staff who are considering abusing drugs or alcohol. Random testing acts as a deterrent to potential drug users but does not provide the concrete assurance of regular testing.
  • ‘With cause’ testing – if you have reason to believe that an employee may be abusing drugs or alcohol, you can request a test for that specific staff member – similarly if you think there is a problem department, all staff in that department could be tested.

To discuss drug and alcohol testing services please contact the team on 01603 274460

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