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With the season of merriment and excess more likely to be an expectation rather than a choice, how do you ensure that your employees stay safe this season?

Almost 50% of motorists in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who were stopped and screened for drug use tested positive in 2015.  It’s crucial to know that your drivers are fit to work.


Driving under the influence of illegal or legal drugs – even if your driving is not impaired –can result in penalties for the individual including a minimum of one year driving ban, up to six months in prison, an unlimited fine and a criminal record.

Everyone knows the inherent risks and dangers of drink driving above the legal limit, but have you thought about what went on the night before your staff take to the wheel as part of their job?  Especially at this time of year when perhaps the stress of a hectic work schedule is balanced by the offer of a few drinks, mixed with Christmas joy to unwind.

One in five drivers admit to driving the morning after a night out.

And although alcohol is removed from the blood at the rate of about one unit an hour, this varies from person to person.  And you are powerless to speed up the process.

Having a cup of coffee or a cold shower won’t do anything at all to get rid of the alcohol.  They may make you feel slightly different, but they haven’t eliminated the alcohol in any way

Dr Wallace, Drinkaware’s Chief Medical Adviser

If you have employees driving on behalf of your company, you really do need to ensure that your team are fit enough to do so at all times for their own sake and for the sake of your business.

If you do not have any level of measure in place, you may be gambling the odds unnecessarily.

Here at Wrightway Health, as a leading provider of Drug and Alcohol screening across East Anglia, we have our trained collection officers and doctors available to help you to develop the right drugs and alcohol policy to protect your business whilst respecting your employees’ rights.

All of our tests are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Even Christmas Day.  All we ask is for at least two hours’ notice.

Pick from one of our most popular plans or get in touch with us so we can put together a package that gives you exactly what you want for your business.


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