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Putting women’s nutrition on the workplace menu

Food is not a feminist issue but with nutrition known to affect and able to provide the effective management of menopause, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast cancer and urinary tract infections, food becomes – by the very nature of the conditions commonly affecting women – very female-centric.


With the female employment rate now exceeding 70% in the UK (Clegg 2018) and with most adults spending more than half their waking hours in the workplace it is this time spent in the workplace that can provide employers with a valuable opportunity to help address women’s nutrition.

As we all know, poor diet and ill health can affect the whole workforce; it is not confined to one grade, one section or one gender.   And there is not one single solution.  But, together with your occupational health specialist – you, as the employer, can be the one who helps and supports your workforce to provide them with information and simple strategies to reduce sickness absence and the associated costs to your business.

Offer health assessments and workshops to promote awareness and increase their knowledge.

Give your employees access to healthy and affordable food by selecting ‘Better Choice’ & ‘Healthy Choice’ products for your in-house catering and/or offer subsidies for healthier options to make them more desirable

Make food storage and preparation facilities available; clean and fully equipped kitchen areas will encourage employees to prepare food and eat together.

Make sure that your employees take a lunchbreak away from their desk.  A lunch break provides the time to refuel and possibly include some physical activity to break up a sedentary job or a time to rest for the active workers – it’s a hugely important consideration.  Without this vital break, their productivity will drop and concentration levels fall.


And yet, 62% of employees always or sometimes skip their lunch break, according to the BDA – The Association of UK Dietitians, 2016


The return on your investment for taking due care over the nutrition of your workforce means that for every 70p spent, you can expect £1.50-£4 return.  It makes no sense – on any level – not to care about fuelling your workforce.

We can support you if you want to rethink how your workplace eats.  Helping with planning, training, health assessments, advice and health checks, Wrightway Health works alongside you, leaving you time to focus on what you’re going to have for your dinner.

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