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We offer Occupational Health services geared towards the agriculture and farming industries. Furthermore, protecting the health of your staff doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.

To ensure that each of your staff has the health surveillance they need to match their role, we will assess their needs and create a schedule of medical type and frequency. Our purpose built mobile-clinic can come to you if you’re not able to come into one of our clinics and our medicals start from as little as £65 per person.

Spirometry: The number of cases of occupational asthma in agriculture is double the national average.

Audiometry: The use of loud machinery and equipment increases the risk of permanent hearing loss. Around two-thirds of farmers have a measurable degree of hearing loss, with agricultural workers.

Driving: All drivers must be medically ‘fit to drive’. Staff who work in a particularly demanding environment, work at night or operate large or heavy vehicles must have regular health assessments.

Blood tests and Vaccinations: All farm animals naturally carry a range of diseases, including tuberculosis and Avian Flu, which can affect humans.

Taking care of your employees’ health isn’t just good for them, it’s good for your business.
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