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At Wrightway Health we understand that there’s nothing more important in the construction industry than ensuring a safe working environment for employees.

Occupational health is a crucial part of this, ensuring that the environment won’t harm the employees, and that any pre-existing conditions the employees have are not exacerbated. It is also crucial that any pre-existing conditions don’t negatively impact the quality of work delivered.

The construction industry is subject to a number of statutory medical requirements that are mandated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), as well as industry-specific ones that ensure you as an employer maintain best practice and your duty of care.

Click here for more information on the difference between statutory and non-statutory medicals.

In the construction industry it is essential that health surveillance is carried out on workers, and in particular Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome testing. Click here for more information on health surveillance, or here to find out about HAVS testing.

HSE expects you to decide:

  • Whether an activity contains a safety-critical element, such as the operation of a crane.
  • Whether an incapacitated worker might expose themselves or others to a significant risk of harm. For example, all climbers are expected to be able to climb down while carrying an incapacitated colleague.

As part of this, HSE also expects you to monitor your employees’ fitness on an on-going basis, tracking any changes in their health, medication and in the role they undertake. Wrightway Health can help you with this by taking a baseline medical when the employee first starts, and monitoring health progress on a regular basis.

Unlike many occupational health providers, Wrightway Health also has doctors that are accredited to provide HSE’s statutory medical checks for any employees working with asbestos, radiation or lead.

We deliver standard medicals for crane operators, climbers, confined space workers, as well as plant and forklift truck drivers.

Taking care of your employees’ health isn’t just good for them, it’s good for your business.
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