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For any provider of healthcare, it is crucial to know that your employees are in good health, and are protected from any diseases or hazards they may be exposed to. At Wrightway Health, we specialise in supporting the healthcare sector in keeping their employees happy and healthy.

We provide a full range of occupational vaccinations, from Hepatitis B to MMR. Click here for more information on occupational health vaccinations. We also provide a follow up service for healthcare workers that reviews the antibodies in the employee’s blood. This provides the peace of mind that the vaccine has worked, allowing the employee to be confident in their job role.

Wrightway Health’s aftercare provision includes a full service following up on any blood borne virus (BBV) incidents of any scale. This might be a straightforward health review after a needle-stick involving a low risk patient, or an immediate full health check including treatment, re-vaccination and quarantine as required for an incident involving a high-risk patient.

Sickness absence is one of the biggest issues in the provision of healthcare in the modern world. You can refer anyone with long-term or recurring sickness absence to us for occupational health assessments, and we can help you develop policies and other materials. Click here for more information on sickness absence.

Many jobs in healthcare can be very stressful, and some of the things your employees see or hear could impact negatively on their mental health. We provide a full range of counselling, and work with the best mental healthcare partners in the region. Click here for more information on our physiotherapy and counselling service.

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  • Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Councils

    Wrightway Health work collaboratively with us offering professional support and advice to complement our absence management procedures and our health and wellbeing agenda.

    Carol Lower
Taking care of your employees’ health isn’t just good for them, it’s good for your business.
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