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Maritime businesses require a unique set of occupational health services. Wrightway Health deliver a range of maritime-specific medicals as well as occupational health services that keep your staff health and at work.

There are strict requirements for the types of medicals that are undertaken by anyone working offshore, whether in the energy sector or on another type of vessel. Working offshore now includes working on wind farms. The basic requirement is that all employees must have an Offshore Medical Certificate of fitness (which is valid for two years).

Wrightway Health can carry out the medical required for this certificate, as well as any further medicals your employees need to ensure that they will be safe and appropriately qualified to work offshore.

Seafaring medicals

Employees working on seagoing ships or vessels may require additional medicals:

  • Seagoing ship – every seafarer is required to have a certificate of medical fitness, which can only be completed by approved doctors. Wrightway Health can provide both ENG1 and ML5 medicals – contact us now to find out which one is right for you.

What you’ll need to bring to your medical

If you are attending a seafaring medical, you’ll need to bring the following with you to the appointment:

  • Some form of photo identification: such as a passport, discharge book or company pass
  • Any medication you have been prescribed, plus any documents relating to treatment that you have received since your last medical: such as discharge notes or sight test results
  • Your glasses (and spares) or contact lenses, if worn
  • Your previous ENG1 Medical Certificate (unless you are a new entrant).

What to do if your certificate has been lost or stolen

If your certificate has been lost or stolen, you MUST report this in writing to your company-approved Doctor, and explain the circumstances.

The Doctor will use his/her discretion and you will either be:

  • Issued with a duplicate certificate by post
  • Re-examined and issued with a duplicate certificate following your appointment.

Please note that an administrative fee will apply for the issuing of duplicate certificates.

Taking care of your employees’ health isn’t just good for them, it’s good for your business.
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