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Drug & Alcohol Screening

Being safe in the knowledge that you have a ‘drug free’ workplace is crucial to the wellbeing of any organisation. For your business, being drug free saves lives, improves working conditions and increases productivity.

Wrightway Health is a leading provider of Drug and Alcohol screening across East Anglia. We provide a range of different types of drug and alcohol tests, the most common of which are:

  • Regular testing – these tests take place on a regular basis, typically monthly or bi-monthly, and provide on-going assurance that your workforce is drug free. This type of testing provides the most assurance – if all employees are tested regularly, the likelihood of drug use going unnoticed is extremely small.
  • Random testing – these tests take place unannounced, which makes them harder to avoid for staff who are considering abusing drugs or alcohol. Random testing acts as a deterrent to potential drug users, but does not provide the concrete assurance of regular testing.
  • ‘With cause’ testing – if you have reason to believe that an employee may be abusing drugs or alcohol, you can request a test for that specific staff member – similarly if you think there is a problem department, all staff in that department could be tested.

Wrightway Health has a team of trained collection officers and doctors, who can assist you on site at your premises or in one of our clinics. Our service provision is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you need to do is give us at least two hours’ notice.

We can assist you in developing a robust drugs and alcohol policy. This will help you avoid HR pitfalls and make sure that your policy protects your business while also respecting your employees’ rights. We can also help you prepare training and educational materials.

Drug Driving

Almost 50% of motorists in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who were stopped and screened for drug use tested positive (December 2015). It’s crucial that you know your drivers are fit to work.

The implementation of roadside mobile testing kits (known as a “drugalyser” device) as a result of laws changed in March 2015 has made it clear that recreational drug used is more customary than generally thought.

Drug driving can be prosecuted if:

  • Legal or illegal drugs make you unfit to drive
  • There are levels of illegal drugs found in the blood (even if they haven’t impaired your driving)

In England and Wales, it is illegal to drive with with legal drugs in your body if it affects your driving.

If you have employees driving on behalf of your company, you have a duty of care to ensure that they are fit enough to do so. To guarantee that the employee is fit to drive, you should consider annual medicals, as well as regular Drug and Alcohol Screenings.

Penalties for drug driving include:

  • a minimum one year driving ban
  • up to six months in prison
  • an unlimited fine
  • a criminal record

Wrightway Health can help you ensure that your team is fit to drive. We can provide three different types of Drug & Alcohol screenings as a preventative measure:

Regular Testing – These are recurring scheduled tests to establish a clear ‘drug free’ policy to all employees and to provide on-going assurance to your workplace.

Random Testing – Unannounced testing is harder to be avoided. Random testing acts as a deterrent but does not give the same amount of security and assurance that regular testing provides.

‘With-cause’ Testing – If you feel as though there is reason to test an employee or even an entire department, you can request a test for an isolated case.

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