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If you are a seafarer or work offshore, you are required to hold a valid ENG1 certificate, issued by the Maritime Coastguard Agency. Working offshore includes on an oil or gas platform, as well as offshore wind farms.

ENG1 is a UK certification standard, designed to show that a seafarer passes a minimum standard of health before working offshore. It must be performed by an MCA recognised doctor. At Wrightway Health we have more certified physicians than our competitors, and with our network of seven clinics, getting an appointment to renew your certification is easier than ever.

How much is an ENG1 Medical?

From the 13th November, the price will be £105. There is no VAT to pay on an ENG1 Medical.

What can I expect during an ENG1 Medical?

The ENG1 medical covers typical checks such as weight, height, ear and throat evaluations, reflex testing and blood pressure. A urine test checks kidney function and blood sugar, and you can also expect a hearing test and colour blindness test. A general overall physical will check for anomalies too.

What should I bring to my ENG1 Medical?

You should ensure you bring the following to your ENG1 medical:

  • A form of photo ID (such as passport or driving license)
  • Your current ENG1 (if applicable)
  • A list of any medication you are taking
  • Prescription glasses or contact lenses

How often do I need an ENG1 Medical?

An ENG1 Certificate can be valid for up to two years. As a courtesy, we will contact you in good time before your medical expires to remind you to renew it.

What other seafarer medicals do you do?

Wrightway Health conducts other seafarer medicals such as ML5 or OGUK for employees in the maritime or energy sectors. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about a specific medical, or book your appointment now.

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