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Fitness to Work Medicals

Also known as ‘fit for’ tests, Wrightway Health’s fitness to work medicals ensure that all your staff are assessed as required against any existing health conditions they may have. This gives you the peace of mind that all your staff members are fit to do the job they have been hired to do.

Fitness to work medicals can include statutory, industry-specific and duty of care medicals. For more information on the different categories of medical, click here. The primary purpose of fitness to work medicals is to ensure that all staff members are doing jobs that are appropriate to their health, thereby saving the employer money by avoiding unnecessary redundancy situations.

Examples of where fitness to work medicals are required include:

  • A recently appointed forklift driver has been passed fit to drive a vehicle by the statutory medical assessment. However, her new employer is concerned that the neck and shoulder pain she says she sometimes experiences may impact her ability to turn her head while driving. Wrightway’s fit for test would confirm whether the pain were caused by an underlying physical condition and whether she is suitable for the job in the long-term.
  • An experienced machinery operator has applied for a job working on a windmill. While there is no question about his understanding of the kit involved, in order to qualify to work at the top of the windmill he must be able to demonstrate that he would be able to carry someone else down in the event of an emergency. Wrightway’s fitness to work medical would review his physical fitness and confirm whether he is appropriate for the job.

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