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Flu Vaccinations

With approximately 15-20% of the population contracting the flu virus every year, can your business afford not to vaccinate?

The benefits of encouraging a culture of flu prevention within your business are enormous. It is in the interest of all organisations to ensure that their staff are offered a flu vaccination. This precaution will help reduce sickness absence and consequent reductions in productivity levels and customer service.

Flu is one of the main causes of short-term sickness absence in UK workplaces. It is a highly contagious acute viral infection that affects people, regardless of age and general health and fitness.

The flu is highly contagious. The virus is passed on quickly, with the most dangerous time for the flu to be spread being in the morning; this could be on the commute to work or the start of the working day. Which means that the virus could rapidly spread through your office.

What’s more, those that undertake shift work are more susceptible to contracting the virus due to a disrupted body clock.

The flu vaccination is the best defence known to combat the flu virus (which is unpredictable in how seriously it can damage someone’s health). While the flu vaccine does not 100% guarantee that the flu won’t be contracted, where it doesn’t prevent the flu altogether it will make it considerably milder and shorter lived.

We can help you keep your workforce flu free for as little as £12 per employee.

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