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New Employee Assessments

When you hire someone new, there are a number of things you can do to make sure they’re right for the job. You can interview them, ask for references and carry out testing, but what you’re not allowed to do is ask them about their health.

However, all employers are legally required to ensure that they do not put prospective or existing employee’s health at risk. A tricky proposition if you can’t discuss the prospective employee’s health with them!

Wrightway Health’s new employee assessments are fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010, but allow us to enquire about their health on your behalf. Following an assessment, we will identify any health issues that will either be affected by the job they are to perform, or that may affect their ability to do that job.

We cannot share their medical details with you but we can advise you on their medical suitability for the role. We will also tell you if there are any reasonable adjustments or restrictions that may need to be put into place.

There are a number of different statutory and industry-specific requirements for health assessments for new employees. For more information, click here.

Our new employee assessments typically take one of two forms:

  • Remote Screening – using an online or paper-based declaration of health questionnaire. This approach gives you a fast and effective turnaround and is great value for money.
  • Baseline pre-employment health medical – conducted on your site or in one of our clinics. These medicals are most common for staff recruited into ‘safety critical’ roles or those where they will be exposed to potential hazards. These medicals can be the baseline in an on-going programme of health surveillance. For more information, click here.
  • Night workers – all night workers require pre-employment health checks and annual follow-ups. For more information, click here.

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