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Physiotherapy and Counselling

Our physiotherapy and counselling services are a critical part of helping to reduce sickness absence in the workplace.


Wrightway Health has an in-house physiotherapist specialised in occupational health. In other words specialised in getting employees back to work. Where this is not possible, advice will be provided as to modifications that are required in order to bring the job within the capability of the employee (e.g. specialised chair or raised desk for people with lower back pain).

Our occupational physiotherapist can help you prevent injury to your staff, which reduces sickness absence and ensures that your staff are working at full capacity. For more information about our sickness absence provision, click here.

Physiotherapy can be required for a wide range of health conditions, including muscular and joint problems as well as repetitive strain injuries. Physiotherapy can also be used to help staff with other health conditions.


Wrightway Health also offers a range of types of counselling, including bereavement and trauma counselling. The mental wellbeing of your employees is just as important as their physical health in ensuring that their sickness absence is minimised. However, as counselling or other mental health provision is not always appropriate, we can help guide you to the right choices that will be best for your employees, and therefore best for your business.

We work with the best local providers of mental healthcare, so where required will also be able to provide cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and other interventions as appropriate.

Physiotherapy and Counselling is just one of the services we offer.
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