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Sickness Absence

At Wrightway Health, we understand that a primary concern for any employer is keeping sickness absence to a minimum because of the disruption, loss of productivity and expense involved. As any employer knows, long-term or recurring absences can have a major impact on business revenue.

We have therefore specialised in supporting an early intervention approach to sickness management. Unlike most occupational health providers, Wrightway Health always has appointments available within 3 to 5 working days, and will generate the reports even faster, making sure they’re in your hands no later than two working days after the employee has confirmed their consent (this is typically sought at the appointment). This means you can engage with the problem right from the start, and make sure that any mitigating actions that need to be taken to help the employee return to work are implemented as quickly as possible.

Our process for sickness absence interventions is simple and effective.

  • When you refer someone to Wrightway Health for an occupational health sickness absence assessment, you start off by completing a simple but detailed form that gives us the information we need about the employee and the concerns you have.
  • We then review the form, contacting you for any further information if required, to ensure that the employee is seen by the most appropriate clinician.
  • We arrange a 45 minute consultation that suits both your organisation and the employee.
  • At the consultation, we identify current and past health issues, understanding the situation as detailed in the referral, gauging their abilities and needs and preparing an action plan regarding how to proceed.
  • Following the consultation we produce a full and detailed report that gives you guidance and advice including recommendations for actions and an appropriate return to work plan. You will receive the report within two working days of the employee’s consent being received.
  • We then maintain contact with you throughout the employee’s return to work, offering support and guidance as well as further contact with the employee if required.


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