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Statutory and Industry Medicals

At Wrightway Health we are fully equipped to provide all the medicals you, as an employer, might need for your staff. This includes statutory and industry-specific medicals, as well as added value or duty of care medicals such as health surveillance.

  • Statutory medicals are those that are mandated by law (whether British or European Union). For example, any job that involves significant amounts of driving will require a statutory medical as part of the DVLA standards. This includes anyone driving taxis or any large vehicle, as well as company cars and van drivers. For more information on our provision for the transport sector, click here.
  • Industry-specific medicals are those that are monitored by an industry regulator. For example, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) requires every seafarer on a seagoing ship to have a certificate of medical fitness, and other types of medicals are required for anyone working offshore in the energy sector. For more information about our provision for the energy sector, click here.
  • Duty of care medicals are those that we choose to provide to our staff despite it not being a statutory or industry requirement. They enable businesses to deliver best practice services across the board by putting the wellbeing of their staff first. Click here to find out more about our travel health duty of care provision, and click here for more information about our health surveillance provision.

When you contact us, your experienced Wrightway case manager will be able to advise you about the requirements for medicals in your sector, and can act as a single point of contact for all occupational health needs for your organisation.

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