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Sickness absence at work? Early intervention is key

Employee absence through sickness impacts the economy somewhere in the region of £29 billion per year and costs for UK organisations are now rising annually. In fact the government revealed that in the years between 2010-2014 nearly one million employees were on leave for a month or more, on average.

The average cost of sickness absence for a company with 100 employees is a staggering £70,000. Sickness through absence might be an unavoidable fact of working life but that doesn’t mean the disruption can’t be drastically minimalised for the benefit of all parties.

This nationwide rising sick bill negatively impacts businesses and can be put down to an inadequate or counter-productive approaches to staff absence. With this, many organisations are beginning to realise that providing a holistic, proactive and early interventionist approach is actually key to keeping costs and employee stress down to an absolute minimum.

The best performing sectors (technology and finance) within the UK are those which have managed to reduce employee sickness absence. Not an easy task to achieve but certainly worth the efforts considering the potential rewards! After all a healthy and happy workforce are also a productive workforce, as morale and is increased and stress is decreased across the board.

Wrightway Health specialise in supporting an early interventionist approach to sickness management. We are unlike most occupational health providers in that we are able to provide appointments within 3-5 working days, and generate reports much faster ensuring they are delivered to you no later than 2 days after your employee has given consent.  Crucially this means you are able to engage with sickness issues from a much earlier stage, which will prove to be an invaluable tool in combating the overall disruption to your business.

We also provide a single point of contact with our experienced case manager which streamlines the entire operation, making the process simpler for you and less time consuming for all concerned parties.

Our case manager will be more than happy to assist you in writing a simple and effective sickness absence management policy and thereafter helping you visualise what the changes actually mean for your business.

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