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Step Change – Shoulder Measurements

Helicopter Passengers to be Measured by Shoulder Width

Recent rules have been designed to improve the safety of those flying to and from oil and gas platforms. These new rules are to be introduced based on the size of oil workers travelling back and forth from offshore installations by helicopter.

The updated rules follow a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) review of helicopter safety in February 2014.
Helicopter passengers and drivers will be classified according to the width of their shoulders. Those whose shoulder width is 22″ or greater will be classed as Extra Broad (XBR). XBR passengers will be required to sit next to a helicopter window that has a diagonal size which is compatible with this measurement.

Wrightway Health are pleased to announce that we now have 8 members of staff trained and certified to perform these measurements in our clinics and on your sites. Please click here to discover more about this service or call us today on 01603 274460.

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