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The Most Common Workplace Health Problems?

Workplace health problems are an ever-increasing difficulty for UK employers; did you know that the UK has the highest rate of sickness absence in the world?

The reasons for absence vary, but the numbers remain astonishingly high, with a UK worker taking an average of 9 days’ sick leave per year, which consequentially costs an employer £29 billion per year. To attempt to combat high sickness absence in your workplace, it’s crucial to recognise the main contributors to workplace health problems.

Everyday illness is, unsurprisingly, a sincere contributor. Once one employee is struck with a common illness, it can quickly spread to others. Prevention is the easiest way to contest the spread of a virus; offering employees sanitisers’, tissues and ensuring that work areas are regularly cleaned are cost-effective ways of actively showing your concern for employee health, but these should always be backed up with a robust sickness policy.

By instating an Occupational Health provider that your employees are aware of, and encouraged to use, means that more prevention is available to offer. Offering the flu vaccine to your employees is easy insurance that the viruses won’t spread and your business won’t be left short-staffed.

While colds and viruses are an obvious illness with clear indicators, mental health has become an increasing contributor to workplace health problems, with £2.4 billion per year being spent on employee’s mental health absences. The most important thing to implement is a supportive and understanding environment, so that your employees have the confidence to confront their mental health issue. Regular communication and monitored flexibility is essential to make sure that your employee’s health doesn’t suffer and neither does your business. Utilising an Occupational Health counselling service can be extremely beneficial in letting your employee know that their health is important to you.

Lastly, the rise in musculoskeletal issues has significantly contributed to the rise in workplace health problems. Defined as a problem that refers to any joint or tissue damage, musculoskeletal problems can be seriously aggravated through work. Taking measures such as personalised workstations for each employee, encouraging movement, activity and exercise and the right training for lifting may seem unnecessary and preemptive, but will significantly impact the amount of musculoskeletal issues that factor into your workplace health problems.

Making sure your employees are healthy and happy in their workplace will consequentially impact the success of your business. Bringing Occupational Health into your business is an assured way to combat workplace health problems. Call 01603 274460 to find out more.

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