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What are the most common workplace health problems?

Did you know that the UK has the highest rate of sickness absence in the world?

The reasons for absence vary, but the numbers remain astonishingly high. UK workers take an average of 9 days sick leave per year. To combat high sickness absence it’s crucial to recognise the main contributors to workplace health problems.

Back pain is currently the most reported reason for sickness absence in the UK. Back pain, which comes under the category of musculoskeletal disorders, can be caused and exacerbated by a vast array of workplace situations. Manual labourers are particularly affected, as are those who sit at desks for prolonged periods of time.

Everyday illness in the form of common colds are unsurprisingly a direct contributor to poor workplace health. Once employees are struck with a common illness, it can quickly spread to others. Prevention in the form of positive health campaigns, personalised workstations, vaccinations, excellent hygiene and effective cleaning equipment are good ways to tackle the spread of a virus.

While colds and viruses are an obvious illness with clear indicators, mental health has become an increasing contributor to workplace health problems. £2.4 billion is now being spent every year on employees who are absent from work due to mental health issues.

Making sure your employees are healthy and happy in their workplace will have a huge impact on the success of your business. Bringing a trusted Occupational Health provider into your business is an assured way to help combat workplace health problems.

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